Irresistible Finland

Finland is puur natuur
Koli national park (Image: Hernan Patino)

Finland is an all-around holiday destination! From skiing to the midnight sun, from canoe camping trips to dog sledding. The 'land of a thousand lakes' offers fantastic opportunities for anglers, canoeists, hikers, and mountain bikers. Culture, nature, and history are at your fingertips (with 7 UNESCO heritage sites!).
Buitensport Walhalla Finland
Finland is almost synonymous with outdoor sports.

The diversity and stunning natural beauty never cease to amaze.

Whether you're heading to Finland with your partner, family, or club, there are winter sports, summer activities, and the richness of nature and culture close to home. You're bound to find things you like, whether it's an activity, cultural insights, or natural beauty.

Noorderlicht dichtbij de poolcirkel
Aurora Borealis (Northern Light or Polar Light)
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Finland: the happy country
Watch this video about Finland (1:40)

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How do I travel to Finland
By car

At the northeastern border of Finland, you can enter via Sweden and Norway. Equally adventurous is the route through Germany, Poland, and the Baltic states. For the final leg from Tallinn (Estonia) to Helsinki, you'll take the ferry.

By Ferry
You can also drive to a ferry port from Central Europe home and cross the Baltic Sea to Finland. From Travemünde (Germany), you can sail directly to Helsinki daily. Alternatively, drive to Sweden and depart from Stockholm on a daily departure. Taking the ferry means less driving and more relaxation.

By Air Helsinki-Vantaa, near the capital, is the country's largest airport and offers numerous connections to and from other parts of the country and abroad. Besides Helsinki, there are a handful of domestic airports, such as Rovaniemi and Kittilä in Lapland, offering direct international flights. Feel free to ask me about the possibilities.

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When to Go on Vacation to Finland

The South
For city breaks and cultural trips, the best time is between March and October. Before or after that, it's often too cold for leisurely strolls or sitting at a terrace. Active holidays with plenty of movement are possible all year round. Water sports are excellent from April to September; die-hard enthusiasts have more flexibility. For winter sports, head north. Finland is not a sun destination, although it can get quite warm (20-25 degrees) in the southern regions in July and August.

Central Finland
This mainly refers to the lake district and the region towards the Gulf of Bothnia. Active holidays are great here from April to October. The 'nicest' season for city breaks and cultural trips is from May to August, while in January and February, you can also ski in the northern part of Central Finland.

Finnish Lapland
Active holidays (except for winter sports) are best done between May and September. Beyond that, you need to be well-prepared and have experience with cold conditions. Ski vacations (and other snow-related activities) are at their peak from December to March. The highlight is from mid-February to the end of March; the days become longer, there's still plenty of snow, and the cold starts to wane.

Savonlinna in de winter
Savonlinna in  winter (image: Visit Savonlinna)

Not to miss in Finland!

How about 7 UNESCO heritage sites: from a Bronze Age burial site to a wooden town center with 600 houses. A fortress built on 6 islands, now a museum. Visit one of the 6 buildings used to determine the size and shape of the Earth in the 18th century. Or explore the 19th-century wood and cardboard mill in Verla with its matching residential area from the same era. Not enough? Then visit Helsinki or Oulu and immerse yourself in history and contemporary vibrancy. Check around 10 p.m. if you can catch the Northern Lights. Experience the lake district around Jyväskylä... Regardless of your interests, Finland has it for you. And often in abundance or in various places. That's why people come back repeatedly.

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My guarantee: once you've been to Finland, you'll want to come back more often. Book an unforgettable summer or winter vacation with your family or partner, just a few hours away from Central Europe!
In Finland zijn 1000-en-één- mogelijkheden om te kajakken
In Finland, there are thousands of opportunities for kayaking. (photo: Visit Lahti)
For a road trip in Finland (10 minutes) on video, click here.

Image below: Maija Astikainen