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Houses the oldest desert...Dodevlei: where dunes walked over the river

 Highest dunes in the world are in Namibia ...the highest Sand Dunes...

and the second largest canyon...Fish River Canyon in Namibia: 2nd largest canyon in the world

...of the world

We offer:
  • private guided tours
  • self-drive tours
  • Fly-in tours
  • Luxury ccustomed experiences

private guided tours

Relax, observe and experience
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Private guided tours Namibia

or, if Namibia is not enough, try this 3 country tour!
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Rhino walk

self-drive tours

Treat yourself to adventure, discovery and wonder with a 4x4 self-drive tour
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Self-drive Namibia tour 4x4


So little time, so much to see...
Then choose for the best option: fly with a private plane to the various areas and experience the vastness of Namibia from the air. Spend the night in small-scale, luxurious camps and lodges, of course in the most beautiful locations! Click on the airplane to view a sample itinerary.
Fly-in safari Namibia
Private safari flights
Bharte-reizen and Desert Air are collaborating. Learn why in short...
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Klein Aus, Eagles Nest in Namibia
Eagle's Nest (Klein Aus)
Opt for a fully guided tour where you completely surrender to enjoying the journey. Let us take care of your entire journey, from arrival to departure.
Alone, with your partner, family or group of friends. Or how about a trip with colleagues from your company?
Quiver Tree Forest Namibia
Quiver Tree Forest
Choose from an array of accommodations and activities and let us propose an itinerary according to your wishes and standards.

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Many photos on this page are not glossy; they are pure and direct, as I made them myself. Because Bharte-reizen will inspect on site.